Music Classes from Birth to 5

Fridays at the Braeport Centre, Dunblane

Colourstrings is a world-renowned approach to music education with singing and live music at the heart of every class. Songs, rhymes, action games, percussion instruments, dancing and movement are used to create an active and stimulating music experience.

Children are taken on an adventure through Musicland where they develop their sense of pitch, pulse and rhythm in a fun, motivated and structured way, learning musicianship skills through singing and movement.

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About Colourstrings

0-18 months

Colourstrings classes for babies and toddlers are a wonderful way of introducing your child to music. The focus is on enjoying music together and you’ll learn lots of tickly, bouncy and cuddly songs and rhymes to do with your child.

Babies and toddlers develop an awareness of beat through knee-bouncing songs and movement to music. Their senses are engaged through use of puppets, simple percussion instruments, scarves and ribbons. Every class ends with lullabies and listening to live music.

18 months to 3 years

In this class, children are more active and are developing their musical skills through finger rhymes and action songs.

​Your child will enjoy lots of movement activities: dancing, marching, and swaying to the beat.

Musical concepts such as fast and slow, loud and quiet, and high and low are explored through songs and rhymes, and children will become adept at using percussion instruments. Puppets and props will encourage children to find their singing voices, and games and activities will develop turn-taking and listening skills as well.

3 & 4 years

Children are furthering their independence and social skills through music. This age group enjoy lots of partner games and dances, and are developing confidence in singing by themselves, in pairs and as a group. Children are actively involved in suggesting actions for songs and develop their ability to keep a steady beat on their bodies and on instruments. As children progress through Colourstrings, they develop their sense of rhythm, and begin to learn about pitch through the use of solfa hand signs (do-re-mi etc). Children are developing vital pre-instrumental musicianship skills and becoming musically literate - a language that will last them a lifetime.

Book a class

To book a class or find out more, please complete the enquiry form.

All classes are on Friday mornings in the Haining ​Room at the Braeport Centre, Dunblane.

3 & 4 years: 9.45am - 10.25am

18 months to 3 years: 10.30am - 11.10am

0-18 months: 11.15am - 11.55am

Autumn Term starts 30th August 2024 for 7 weeks - ​limited spaces remaining.

Fees are payable per term in advance and are not refundable. ​​A 15% discount is given to siblings attending classes.

Class sizes are small to ensure your child receives individual ​attention. It is therefore advisable to book early. However, ​enrolment is possible at any time throughout the year, ​provided there is space available, with a prorated fee charged.

Meet the Teacher

Colourstrings Music Classes in Dunblane are taught by Yvonne Wyroslawska, a music educator with 20 ​years' experience of working with children in the Early Years.

Yvonne has an MA (Hons) Music from the University of Glasgow, a Licentiate in Music Teaching (LRSL) with ​distinction, and an MEd (Learning & Teaching in the Performing Arts) from the Royal Conservatoire of ​Scotland. Her postgraduate studies in Kodály pedagogy have taken her to Hungary, London, New York, and ​California, where she completed the Organisation of American Kodály Educators Specialist Certificate at Holy ​Names University, the first University in the USA to offer a Kodály qualification. She is currently a doctoral ​researcher at the University of Edinburgh, looking at the effects of singing on maternal mental health.

Yvonne began her Colourstrings training in 2006, has run Colourstrings Music Kindergarten classes since 2007, ​and was responsible for developing Gaelic Colourstrings. In 2012 she was invited to undertake the ​Colourstrings Diploma and has since delivered Colourstrings Music Kindergarten training in Scotland, London ​and Vancouver, plus online to students from around the world via Colourstrings Scotland, a Community ​Interest Company which she set up.

Yvonne has designed and delivered Early Years Music Education projects and training for a number of ​organisations, including the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, University of Stirling, Glasgow Gaelic School, ​Angus YMI and and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and is an Early Years Music and Story Specialist for ​the Scottish Book Trust. An ardent advocate for the benefits of music education, Yvonne is Chair of the ​Education Section Committee of the Musicians Union. Additionally, Yvonne is a ballet teacher, holding a ​Diploma in Dance Instruction (Cecchetti Ballet) with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. Yvonne runs​ Early Years Music Scotland, a project dedicated to professional development for musicians working in the early ​years across Scotland.

To find out more about Yvonne's work, please visit her website.